July 16, 2019

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Overloaded Trucks Causing Accidents

As you work with your truck accident law firm in an effort to identify the specific causes of your truck collision, all the pieces of the puzzle will hopefully come together to present a clear picture of what happened that day — and why it happened.

Your legal team’s investigation should produce facts you can use to show how the driver of the truck that hit you, or his associates, acted in a negligent manner regarding the handling, maintenance, and/or operation of the tractor-trailer. One major violation that continues to surface despite tight restrictions is the problem of overloading.

How Overloading Causes Crashes

State and federal trucking regulations restrict the total cargo weight that trucks can carry, based on the type of cargo, size and type of truck, and its safe hauling capabilities. With too much weight, the tires, brakes, and engine become stressed and may fail. Falling debris or leaking gas or chemicals due to overloading and/or inadequate containment can pose an immediate danger. Load shifts may occur with cargo that is not properly secured.

Even if the cargo met the weight restrictions, improperly loaded cargo may also constitute a dangerous violation. Improper distribution of weight presents additional hazards that can make the truck more difficult to maneuver and increase risk of tipping.

Proving Overloading in Your Truck Accident Case

The truck accident law firms listed on TruckAccidentLawFirms.com can work to uncover evidence of overloading and other violations, such as unrealistic schedules and driver fatigue. Once the digging begins, it is not uncommon to find evidence of unethical and unsafe business practices employed on a daily basis in some trucking companies.

Often, trucking accident attorneys will call in truck accident reconstructionists, trucking industry consultants, shipping and logistics experts, and other specialized consultants to provide valuable insight into the various causes of a truck collision. Truck owners, truck drivers, supervisors, dispatchers, mechanics, and loaders may all be held responsible for truck accident injuries.

If you or a member of your family has been hit by a truck driver and seriously injured, please click here to find a truck accident attorney in your area.