July 16, 2019

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Bucket Truck Accidents

Large bucket trucks are built for the specific task of reaching elevated heights for services such as phone pole maintenance, billboard erection, electrical maintenance, tree cutting, and specialized exterior building maintenance. The presence of a “boom” arm run by hydraulics that moves it up and down allows workers to access tall facilities that need servicing. And while these trucks are typically reinforced for safety, improper operation or poor truck maintenance can create unnecessary hazards while bucket trucks are in transit.

About Bucket Truck Accidents

There are many ways that bucket truck drivers can increase the probability of a truck accident and pose a threat to other drivers on the road. Shoddy maintenance, defective auto parts, drug and alcohol use, driver fatigue, and unsafe operation are a few of the reasons why accidents occur. In some cases, the platform that is raised and lowered during service may be unstable, causing uneven weight distribution that makes the truck difficult to turn or stop.

Employees injured while working on bucket trucks may also be entitled to compensation if their employer’s negligence or noncompliance played a role in the accident. Workers with inadequate training may be to blame for falls and other injuries suffered by coworkers while on the job. Electrocution, power failure, and overturns are a few of the disastrous consequences that can cause severe injury.

Prosecuting Bucket Truck Accidents

With the help of a bucket truck accident law firm listed on TruckAccidentLawFirms.com, your family may be able to get the answers you need and determine why a devastating accident happened.
Armed with details from a comprehensive fact-gathering investigation, your legal team will set out to prove that the truck driver, truck company, loader, maintenance worker, or other industry associate failed to exercise reasonable care and violated state and/or federal trucking regulations.

Your truck accident law firm will attempt to demonstrate how the responsible party failed to apply caution as mandated by legal standards, and show how this negligence led to the accident and resulting injuries. Finally, your team will assign a dollar amount to both physical and emotional damage that resulted from the collision in an effort to win your family compensation to cover medical expenses, lost income, and other losses.

If you or a member of your family has been seriously hurt in a bucket truck accident, please click here to find a bucket truck injury law firm in your area.