July 16, 2019

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Epidemic of Truck Driver Fatigue

Tired Truck Driver

Truck driver fatigue has been a major issue in America ever since the invention of the automobile. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 6,000 deaths happen annually as a result of drowsy driving. The danger of drivers who drive fatigued is amplified because many fatigued commercial drivers are responsible for the operation of large and dangerous vehicles like industrial shipping trucks or buses.

The Factors Concerning Drowsy Driving

There are certain factors that cause the likelihood of drowsy driving to increase. Commercial drivers are held to strict deadlines, and have to drive up nearly 16 hours a day in some circumstances. Drivers in some companies are paid per mile, thus incentivizing them to cover more distance at a faster pace. While commercial truck drivers are now required by law to have sleep logs, these logs can be forged.

Commercial trucks can carry several tons of goods ranging from food to refrigerators. When a commercial truck crashes, these goods can be released onto the road and create an even greater danger to other drivers on the road. This debris can cause a multi-car pileup and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Even drivers who have had a full night’s sleep are not immune to the effects of drowsy driving. After driving most of the day, it’s easy for drivers to simply get bored and unfocused, which in turn can lead to dozing off or crashing because the driver wasn’t paying attention.

What You Should Do If Involved In A Truck Driver Collision

If you’ve been involved in a car collision with a commercial truck driver, you may be frustrated and confused as to how you can get compensation for your damages. In these situations, the trucking company may be held liable through a lawsuit. However, these companies will fight tooth and nail to deny your claim, or to settle with you for a fraction of the true value of your injuries.

A professional truck accident lawyer will fight for you to ensure that any settlement meets the your needs and reflects the true amount that you are due. An experienced attorney will not be afraid to go to court if necessary to fight for your rights.

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